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So, Gabriel García Márquez has passed on

I’d been thinking a lot about him lately; there was a Jeopardy question about his work not long ago, leading to a question about whether or not he was still living. I’ve also noticed a tendency for people to invoke “magical realism” as a term for “fantasy but I don’t want to be disrespected” lately as well (and I mean no disbelief that people are writing magical realism–just that things have been weird).

Another reason I’ve been thinking about GGM is because I’ve been thinking back to college, and a time when I felt alienated by literature. I’ve been thinking about signals that books/stories are for you or not, which deserves at least a post not written on a phone while I wait for traffic to clear so I can drive home on the fuel I have, or better yet, a roundup of thoughtful links. At any rate, when I was taking a world literature class–which I transferred into at the last minute, running from a very dry class on politics that I had misjudged in the course catalog–I read GGM for the first time, as well as some other interesting, perspective-shifting work. I was still at sea, and in many ways I still am, but I think I that class helped point me in the right direction again.

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Karen Lord on the Point of View of Culture

Karen Lord is the author of Redemption in Indigo, a trickster chaos story that draws inspiration from a Senegalese tale; her latest bookThe Best of All Possible Worlds, is waiting on my e-reader. She has a piece here about being a “writer from an Other culture”–and if it doesn’t make you question the question she’s asked by the end of the first paragraph, well, read the rest of the piece!

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