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Some Reading Recommendations from Other People

NaNoBlogwhatever 3 of 30:

@Nalo_Hopkinson recommended Under the Mango Tree: Tales from Kamakwie, a collection of folk tales from Sierra Leone; proceeds from the book support the children who wrote it.

I forget the source, but I think it was a teacher friend, who recommended Sweetest Kulu, a picture book by Inuit singer Celina Kalluk. Alas, it seems to be out of print already.

Beyond Magenta, about transgender teens, from everywhere.

The Bishop’s Wife by Mette Ivie Harrison, which I originally heard about via Soho Press, but it’s been getting accolades left and right. Out in December, I think.


And found in the folder of links: a note that I put in my calendar last March to order two lunches, so I could save one for a day when no lunches would be delivered. There are a lot of oddball things accidentally filed in strange places in my email!

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Cybils Nominations Closing…

Don’t forget to nominate your favorite reads from the past year for the 2013 Cybils awards! Nominations close tomorrow. If something has already been nominated, feel free to nominate another favorite (multiple nominations don’t make a difference, and they use up your nomination spots, so try to find something that’s eligible that hasn’t been celebrated yet).

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